5 Coaches to watch out for this NFL Season

If you’re an NFL fan there’s good news. The games are about to commence. Well yes, it’s just preseason to get everyone warmed up but these games can often set the tone for the upcoming season and thus are crucial and coach play the most important role. This season like other will have 32 coaches and some are about to come under heavy scrutiny as the season progresses so today we take a look at 5 coaches to watch out for this season.

Jason Garrett

jason garrett

One coach that’s going to really feel the heat this is season the Dallas Cowboys coach but expect him to come out fighting. He’s been in charge for almost half a dozen seasons but has made it to the playoffs only once and was scrutinized heavily as an attack coordinator.

Yes, there have been questions about his tactics and management skills this is not the year he finally proves his worth.

Gus Bradley

gus bradley

It had been long since we last saw the Jacksonville Jaguars live up to their potential but last season they finally seemed to arrive at the big stage with the likes of Blake Bortles coming to the fore and with along with the new signing can really turn it up a notch this season.

This will be his 4th season in charge and with 5 wins under his belt last season he’ll definitely want to start off exactly where they left.

Mike McCoy

Mike McCoy

Yes the San Diego Charger was phenomenal in his first season in charge and were totally deserving of their playoff victory but since then they were quite a disappointment and most fans have been wondering where Joey Bosa is so far. Is he showing up?

There have also been talks of a change of stadium. McCoy would be hoping such issues are sorted and his team regains the form of the previous years.

Jim Fisher

jim fisher

Yes, Fisher won the Super Bowl with Tennessee Titans almost 17 years back but for the 4 years he’s been with the Rams there hasn’t been much to cheer for him. In fact, it’s gotten way worse than he’d have hoped. His last winning record was in 2008 and playoff victory came in 03-04.

Progress is slower than the fans would have hoped and a bad start to the season or poor preseason is going to be trouble.

Marvin Lewis

marvin lewis

Should a person who hasn’t won a single playoff game for 13 years now be in charge of a team? Well, that’s the question Cincinnati Bengals owner would be wondering come to the start of the new season.

While the team has done well to make the playoffs more often than not it’s hard to see him continue further without a playoff win under his belt.

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