Hosting the Grande Depart of 2017 Tour de France

Tour De France is only cycling tournament where you get to see in action the best road bikes and best cyclists and this year It’s going to take place in Dusseldorf.

Finally, tour organizers ASO have confirmed that Dusseldorf is going to be the host of Grand Depart for the Tour De France of 2017. The last time when Germany hosted the Grand Depart was in 1987 in Berlin and this year will mark the fourth time when the Tour is being started from Germany.

Dusseldorf was confirmed as the host city by the ASO and other details of the opening stages of 2017 were revealed to the public in a press conference at Paris and Dusseldorf on January 14. Originally, Dusseldorf was planning to bid a tender for the Grand Depart of the Tour for 2018 but once London pulled out of the hosting, Dusseldorf planned to host the Tour sooner.

The council of Dusseldorf voted in early November to formally enter the hosting for 2017’s Tour and were finally chosen by the ASO for the Grand Depart of 2017 Tour.

This hosting is a great way for Germany to establish harmonious relations with the Tour de France and will be remembered as an important achievement in this country’s history. In the late 1900s, Jan Ullrich and Telekom’s success resulted in increased cycling but due to the increased scandals in the Tours of 2006 and 2007, this sports suffered a tremendous setback in the country and its popularity decreased drastically.

After that disastrous effect, there were many tries to recover but only after the rise of Tony Martin, Marcel Kittel and John Degenkolb, this year the national broadcaster ARD will finally show the Tour de France live after 7 years.

The Tour director Christian Prudhomme was found to say that it is definitely the period where Germany is getting back to its love of cycling. He also said that there was a period when Germany was crazy in love with cycling and then arrived a period when it disliked cycling intently but now, after a few years, it is going to find a balance between the two emotions.

This confirmation of Dusseldorf hosting the Tour De France for 2017 came just after a few days of ASO announcing that it is going to withdraw its events, which includes the Tour De France, from the WorldTour in 2017. This announcement was made in a protest against the new rules and regulations set by UCI for the sport.

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