Yankees GM Brian Cashman Speaks with the Spanish Language Media

Howard Goldin

Once during each month of the MLB regular season, the New York Yankees Media Relations Department hosts a Spanish language press conference. The organization, located in the Bronx, recognizes the importance of the Latino fans and the media tht keeps them informed of the happenings on the team.

The guest at the July session, held on Wednesday afternoon four hours prior to the game between the Yanks and the Texas Rangers, was General Manager Brian Cashman. Although he only reached the age of 47 earlier this month, Cashman has worked with the Yankees for 28 years. He began as a teenager when he worked as an intern. Immediately upon his college graduation from Catholic University he accepted a full-time position. He worked his way up to his current position of high responsibility as general manager, a position he assumed in 1998.

He has led the team to great success during his tenure. The winning percentage of the Yankees during his years as general manager is higher than that of any person in that position in MLB that has assumed that job since 1950.

Although Cashman does not speak Spanish, the high comfort level between him and members of the Spanish language media was apparent at the press conference. Another indication of the long standing recognition and respect by Cashman for this group of the media was his being chosen for the Latino Achievement Award in 2003 by the LSWBA (Latino Sports Writers and Broadcasters Association).

In his response to questions regarding what he considers the biggest position needs on the club at this time and how he hopes to fill those needs, Cashman explained the difficulty of scouting, drafting, signing players and making proper trades and how time consuming all of these processes are, “we’re trying to upgrade when we can. It may take longer than just this year to upgrade second base after losing Robinson Cano. We are trying to improve every dy. It takes a klong time.”

As an indication of the time element, he said it took three weeks to arrange the trade for Chase Headley. He also told the media members ion the room, right now as we are talking I am texting other teams to see if we can improve the Yankees.

He explained that ther were “heavy injuries this year”, especially to the pitching staff. Despite that fact, he believes the pitching has been better than it should be and the offense has been worse than it should be.” His answer: “We are trying to fix both.”

He was asked for his reason of why the team has been more successful on the road this year than at home. His response was, “It’s just a guess but guys are trying too hard here and it’s just working against them.”

Of what the place will be for Alex Rodriguez when/if he returns to the team next season, Cashman remarked, “I haven’t thought about it.”

He did think about the replacement for Derek Jeter next year. He compared it to the ability to replace Mariano Rivera this year. He believes despite how important each man is, “We always try to bring in the best talent.”

Each conference in this series is professionally planned and executed by Kenny Leandry. Every media members has a high respect for his professionalism and a gratitude for the personal consideration and assistance he always provides.