With Chris Young out of the way Mets can move forward

Rich Mancuso

Philadelphia- Now that Chris Young has been designated for assignment by the New York Mets they can move ahead. And with the Mets slim chances of making the post season they are headed to a sixth straight losing season. So why not move ahead?

Young, the free agent one-year acquisition was granted a chance by the GM Sandy Alderson, one that is now history and a failure.  Truth of the matter, Young was grabbed early and big deal? The Mets did not invest much in a $7.5 million contract and will owe the remaining $2.5, assuming a team wants to take a chance between now and October.

It leaves the Mets with an opportunity to go shopping over the winter, a productive outfielder on the list or via the trade market for one of their quality and respective young pitchers that so many teams desire.

The ramifications again after this failure, the Mets singing another free agent, though not as costly who was a total bomb. Maybe a signing not as bad and costly as the recent Jason Bay contract, but bad enough to leave a sour taste in the mouth of a Mets fans.

 Alderson said as best he could, “At some point you have to move on. I think this was about the time that we needed to do that. Chris has been, I think, an outstanding teammate to the other guys on the team. I've liked Chris a lot since the first time I met him.”

And then this comment,” Unfortunately it didn't work out completely as he would have liked, as we would have liked. And, at some point, it's time move on to something else."

The reality is, yes it is time to do something else and the Mets did by promoting the 27-year Matt den Dekker who got his first start Sunday as the Mets continued a four-game series with the Phillies.  More importantly some of the youngsters that are so much of the Mets future will start to get a look.

 Hey in the first place, Young was signed early in the free agent period of last off-season, and known by now that Nelson Cruz was available but at a more costly price.

Cruz and the Orioles are cruising along towards a divisional title in the AL East. The Mets, with promise and showing some signs of that, are moving on to next season. The good thing, Chris Young is no longer a dilemma and can be the burden for someone else to handle.

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