Wilson retires from Giants is a reality check

By Michael Florio

Every once in a while football fans are given a hard reality check on just how dangerous the game truly is.

Yesterday, New York Giants running back David Wilson announced he is stepping away from football at just 23-years-old.

Just three years after the Giants selected him in the first round, Dr. Frank Cammisa diagnosed himwith diffuse cervical stenosis, a congenital narrowing of the entire spinal column and a condition that would forever leave him at risk on the football field. The neck injury forced the speedster to give up the game he loves forever.

Wilson was used sparingly in 2012, his rookie season, as he did not see more than five carries in his first five NFL games and did not break double digit carries until his 13th game. He showed his potential in that game against the Saints, when he rushed for 100 yards and two touchdowns. That is the only game he rushed for 100 yards in his NFL career.

He finished that season with 71 carries, for 358 yards, four touchdowns and averaged five yards per carry.

Wilson’s 2013 campaign was a disappointment as he struggled as a blocker in the passing game, as well as struggled to take advantage of his big play ability, having a long run of 18-yards on the season. He struggled to make any impact in the passing game, recording only two catches for eight yards on the season. Wilson’s season was over after week five with a neck injury, finishing the year with 44 carries, for 146 yards, one touchdown and only averaged 3.3 yards per carry.

Wilson suffered a “burner” in week five against the Eagles, that left him without feeling in his hands and legs. Wilson underwent spinal fusion surgery in January.

However, Wilson vied to return from his injury and continued to work towards his goal even when others said it looked bleak.

Wilson was closing in on his goal, returning to the Giants for training camp this season. However, the reality of this hard hitting game set in when Wilson took another “burner” at practice last week, leaving his with the same symptoms as the hit that ended his 2013 campaign.

Doctors warned Wilson that if he continued to play he would be putting himself and his health, in jeopardy. Despite this, Wilson is happy he is able to physically walk away from the game and is still healthy enough to explore other options.

“I lived my dream,” he said.

Wilson will be placed on the season-ending injury report, and will likely be released after the season, when he will officially retire.

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