What’s the deal with Troy and Derek?..The Torre omission of “George”

Rich Mancuso

What’s going on here? I am referring to words of the late legendary New York sports scribe Dick Young. When things went amuck on the New York City sports landscape, well Young went to work. So, what is going on with this infatuation of Troy Tulowitzki and Derek Jeter?

The injured Rockies shortstop, who by coincidence is coveted by teams, as so known, was sitting in luxury seats at Yankee Stadium Sunday afternoon. He wanted to see his favorite player one more time: Derek Jeter.

Yet, Tulowitzki is on the disabled list and was making a pit stop. He was supposed to see a doctor in Philadelphia Monday for a thigh injury. His team, in the meantime was miles away in Denver completing a three-game series with the Pirates.

Wait a darn minute here. When was the last time an active and perhaps top shortstop in the game and on the disabled list, allowed to attend an out of town game? You can bet that Tulowitzki was not there to scout Jeter. The Rockies are out of contention, and if the Yankee make the post season they won’t have any business with the team that cuts Tulowitzki a lucrative pay check every two weeks.

Yes something is not right in China. Rather something did not appear to be proper Sunday afternoon at Yankee Stadium which leads to many questions.

Why would Tulowitzki be so visible to fans and the Yankees YES Yankees broadcast camera?  And, with all the speculation of a possible trade before the non-waiver deadline Thursday, and to where he will play next season, one would think Tulowitzki would be conspicuous.

But that was not the situation and it opened up a can of worms. Tulowitzki was not permitted to speak with media, rather Yankees security personnel blocked reporters from having access to him.

Makes one think again? The Yankees blocked media access to a player on the disabled list who made a pit stop to see Derek Jeter on the field for a final time. The Yankees were not commenting, neither were the personnel from the Rockies front office.

Tampering? That is all speculation, but one can’t recall something of this nature during the course of a baseball season. Oh, and the commissioner of baseball, Bud Selig, has not commented. In his final year, Selig was busy issuing plaques and introducing the new inductees up in Cooperstown New York on Hall of Fame day.

So where is this headed? Right now it has become a mute issue with exception of being a topic on talk sports radio Monday. Except it is too obvious that Tulowitzki chose to see a Yankee game on Sunday, and with ringside seats in his honor he was very visible and a target of speculation.

Why not sit in Phillies’ seats at Citizens Bank Park? Philadelphia is where the doctor evaluation was taking place on Monday, not New York City. And the Phillies were home and completing their series with the Diamondbacks.

No, Jeter was the attraction. And, Tulowitzki wanted to see him a final time. Questions to be answered and they won’t be addressed. Were the Yankees giving the red carpet treatment to a player they want to succeed Jeter at the position?

Or was this a stop—over and one final time to see the Yankees captain? Speculation is tampering by the New York Yankees, because it can’t be recalled when a player so coveted, and with interest to play in the Bronx, became a spectator in late July.

Mr. Selig surely is aware by now and will say it was a friendly visit to the Bronx. And baseball will go on. But, if Troy Tulowitzki indeed ends up in Yankees pinstripes, then we know:

It was more than a visit to see Derek Jeter one final time!

TORRE OVERSIGHT IS OVERBLOWN:  For those who made a big stink about how Joe Torre omitted the name of the late George Steinbrenner from his Hall of Fame induction speech, think again.

Torre was not reading from a prepared speech as most Hall of Fame inductees are accustomed to doing at the podium up in Cooperstown. He spoke from the heart and his first words: “I might as well cut to the chase. I am here because of the New York Yankees.”

And who hired Joe Torre, took the risk, and eventually managed the Yankees to four world championships? George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees.

The word Yankees and George Steinbrenner will always be, associated. So, there should be no debate as to why Torre made a mistake and left out the name of someone he will always be devoted to.

Because Torre is so professional and one to make amends, though he did not have to, he said Monday, he was “very upset” at not mentioning Steinbrenner and his family more.

Let’s not forget that this was a day for Joe Torre. As much as the Yankees are attributed to his Hall of Fame credentials, he also had a stellar playing career and has been a great ambassador for the game of baseball.

So, Yankees fans who feel insulted, let bygones be bygones. After all, the Steinbrenner family knew Torre’s intentions and they did not seem to be displeased. Torre was more than gracious to the Yankees organization and he has bypassed the so-called quoting and miscommunication that led to his departure as Yankees manager.

Just another day of controversy when it comes to the New York Yankees, though Joe Torre should be forgiven because one only knows how difficult it is to make a speech off the top of your head and a name or two gets omitted.

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