Thoughts on Floyd “Money” Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana


By David Rivera

The moment of truth has come for Floyd Mayweather Jr. and we are not talking about Manny Pacquiao. It is about Marcos Maidana.  He is a great boxer- puncher and has enough skills to land a few good hits on Mayweather.

I have observed both in the ring for their last few fights. Maidana can land a few good punches over the top right hooks, but this is Mayweather.  They put 45 fighters in front of him and they came up short.

 Maidana is a good fighter and can put up a fight against Floyd, compared to Canelo Alvarez and Robert Guerrero, and others that Mayweather disposed. The feeling here is  Floyd will win as usual because he has the skill set in front of him as an excellent counter puncher.  He has the foot work and speed to outbox a lot of opponents, as has been seen, and has that great chin.

 As for Maidana, he can adjust in his fights but takes a while to warm up, similar to his bouts with Amir Kahn and who hit him with a nice rib shot that sent him to the floor with a knock down. And there was a good right hook by victor Ortiz that knocked him down twice in the first and second rounds.

 Now, here is what falls into question: Is Maidana having chin problems just like Miguel Cotto when he was fighting at 140 and at 147? I believe Floyd can actually get a couple of knockdowns, but can he get the knockout? Has age caught up with Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Or is he really saving his knock out power for Pacquiao?.

Can Maidana be the one to give Floyd his first loss by landing that over right hand punch like he did to Adrian Broner in his last fight? I doubt that he will knock down Mayweather but in the sport of boxing anything is possible.

When Mayweather wins, and becomes 46-0, who will be next on his list and what will be next for Maidana? Can we see a Broner rematch or a match up against Danny Garcia, or Amir Kahn again?

 He can knock out Kahn because of a suspect chin. But the moment of truth will come tomorrow evening at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, and I expect to see a good legit match up. Maidana being the boxer puncher and his great over the top right hand versus Mayweather who has a powerful lead right hand and great foot work.

Expect to see Maidana corner Floyd all night and fall right for a Mayweather trap by countering off the ropes.

Mayweather wins again. But Maidana will put up a fight just like Miguel Cotto did who left Mayweather with a bloody nose when they fought. Can Maidana be the one to give Floyd Mayweather Jr. his first loss, or will Marcos Maidana just be another number on the Mayweather win column?