~~Pacquaio-Bradley 2 as Viewed by Joel Diaz, Trainer of Timothy Bradley, Jr.

Howard Goldin

New York, NY---Not only are Manny Pacquaios) and Timothy Bradley, Jr. (31-0, 12 KO’s) two of the most respected and feared boxers in the sport today, but each also has one of the most respected trainers in boxing, Freddie Roach (Pacquaio) and Joel Diaz (Bradley).

After completing a press conference in Los Angeles two days earlier, the major figures of Team Pacquaio and Team Bradley were in New York City on Thursday for the second of two cross-country press conferences to officially announce the World Welterweight title rematch that will take place on April 12 in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and be seen live on Pay-Per-View on HBO.

Each of the participants spoke briefly and with humor during the formal portion of the press conference. Neither of the fighters or trainers exhibited the slightest lack of professionalism, class or dignity during the event. They show their outstanding capabilities inside the ring during their bouts rather than resorting to trash talking before or after their responsibilities in the squared circle.

Diaz, Bradley’s trainer, partook of many individual interviews with patience and courtesy to each reporter before the formal section of the conference began. Diaz fought 21 bouts in a brief but successful career in the 122-135 weight classes before suffering a serious eye injury. His training career began when he directed his brothers, Antonio and Julio, to championships. The 40 year old from Michoacán, Mexico is currently the trainer of the WBO World Welterweight champ.

Diaz often referred to the previous bout between the two on June 9, 2012 that was won by Bradley in a controversial 12 round split decision. Despite the positive decision of the judges in favor of his fighter, Diaz spoke of it as a great disappointment, “We have to finish unfinished business. The world [boxing fans] considers Manny Pacquaio the winner of the first fight. Bradley has to fight harder to show the world, not the judges, he has won. We want to walk out with a victory by the people, not the judges. We don’t want any negativity to us walking out with a victory. For this fight, we cannot go the distance in a close fight and win because of the last fight.”

Diaz wishes to rectify two mistakes he believes he made in the first bout. “We’re going to have to take more risks.” He also wishes to shorten the training camp, “We’re going have eight weeks of training. I don’t want him [Bradley] to be burned out. In the first fight, we had 13 weeks.”

Diaz only commented in a very positive manner regarding Pacquaio, “To beat Manny, we have to be at our best. We expect Manny to be at his best ever. He’s going to give everything he has in the ring.”

Bradley’s trainer underestimated the criticism of Pacquaio no longer having a killer instinct, “We can only judge [Manny] on the outside; we don’t know what’s inside.” He stated that for Pacquaio to win, “Manny has to bring the Manny to the ring that beat Cotto (11/14/09) and Margarita (11/13/10)."

Diaz remarked with openness and honesty when asked who Bradley would fight if he defeated Pacquaio, “The politics of the sport is difficult. There are promotional issues. [Promoters who control world titles only want to fight against fighters within their promotions]. They [promoters] need to work something out so the world can see the fights the world wants to see.”

If all goes according to the plans of both camps, a great and competitive battle will take place in the ring on April 12.