New York State is Allowing UFC to Thrive In New Jersey 

By Russ Cohen

Newark -- In this day and age when states are looking for revenue New York State is still keeping Dana White’s juggernaut out. UFC 169 pulled in $1.651 million dollars at the gate yesterday and my guess is New York could have become the next biggest market for them behind Vegas for their biggest cards. 

I’ve covered two cards now in Newark and the action is always good, even if some matches are too short like Barao-Faber. That match should show New York State that this sport acts on the side of caution. The match was stopped at 3:42 of the first round even though Faber had his thumb up while absorbing shots to the head. Faber was blocking them but there is a point where you either break it up, see if the guy can continue or you call it. Calling it was a safe thing to do and now Faber can fight another day instead of ending up in the hospital or possibly worse. Barao retained his title. 

This last card was a melting pot, and that again is perfect for New York. You had Alistair Overeem (Netherlands), Ali Bagautinov (Russia), Alan Patrick (Brazil), Nick Catone (New Jersey), Barao (Brazil), Jose Aldo (Brazil), well you get the idea, and they were some of the winners. All of them would be represented in a New York City crowd at MSG.
“We put together a fight worthy of Super Bowl weekend," UFC president Dana White said.
That game is in New Jersey as well. New York needs to wake up because they’re losing too much money.

When UFC Cross Paths with the NFL Dana White stated UFC 169 was happening on Super Bowl weekend because their sponsor Fox wanted it. It was a good idea and it added yet another activity to an already jammed schedule of sports and parties around the New York, Metro area.

Urijah Faber told me he was a Niners fan and had to pull for Denver because he didn’t care for the Seahawks beating his team and the “smack talk” from Richard Sherman was something he pointed out as well. At the UFC 169 press conference, at MSG, six of the top combatants wore Broncos and Seahawks jerseys. Faber wore a Wes Welker jersey. The UFC Versus Boxing Argument

I’ve been to a fair amount of live boxing matches and now a couple of UFC cards. Both are exciting but both are completely different. UFC does rely on the martial arts aspect more than punching. Punching is the added bonus to try and get a knockout rather than trying to get an opponent to submit.

I also noticed that when punching stats were posted they matched up pretty well with what I thought I was seeing. Many of these guys aren’t nearly as accurate as prize fighters. To me, that’s the difference. Now as far as who has the better athletes, that’s a tough call.
An interesting quote came from, Tom Watson. He’s from England and he really speaks his mind. His post fight quote questions UFC’s scoring system.

“I’ve seen this before with the same result. If you have a takedown it wins you the round whether you do anything or not. I came out with less damage but I was taken down. It was difficult. I don’t know what to do.”

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