Nets debut new look Friday - Sleeves: yes or no?

By Jason Schott - Reporter / Assignment Editor - @JESchott19

The Nets debut their blue-and-gray alternate jerseys, which are modeled after the road jerseys of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

They will wear these jerseys on Friday vs. the Boston Celtics; Friday, March 28th vs. Cleveland, April 4th vs. Detroit, April 11th vs. Atlanta, and April 15th vs. the Knicks.

These jerseys, like most of the alternates across the league, has sleeves. The Nets also wore a sleeved jersey on Christmas Day against the Bulls.

Head Coach Jason Kidd said of the sleeved jerseys  and if he would have liked them as a player, "I don't know if I could have worn one as a player. I think it's kind of cool, though, for the players, for us, to have to wear them on Friday. It think it's cool, the players are excited about it, as long as they shoot the ball well and nobody complains," he said laughing.

Andrei Kirilenko said of the them, "I never played with them yet. I missed the game (on Christmas Day). It's kind of tough to get used to something different because, you know, all my career, I played in the sleeveless uniforms, you kind of get used to it. I understand why most of the players don't like it. One day, everything changed, the rules of basketball changed, every year they had something, like flopping, the rules change all the time, and the same with equipment, it's gonna change. They tried like four, five years ago, the new ball, and it didn't work out, but at least it's tried. This is the same thing, just trying out the new things."

"I think for the fans, it's cool to have a variety of jerseys," said Kirilenko, who indicated the league may end it if it proves to be unpopular among most of the players."

Jason Collins said, "I have yet to wear one in a game, so I can't give my opinion until I actually wear one in a game. I'm taking a wait-and-see approach. Change can sometimes be a good thing, sometimes be a bad thing."