By Jason Schott - @JESchott19

For the second straight year and the third of the last four, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the Number One pick in the NBA Draft at the Draft Lottery held on Tuesday night at the ABC Studios in Times Square.

Cleveland overcame a lot of odds to win this one, as they had the ninth-best chance, 1.7 percent, to get the top pick. The Cavs used their 2011 first overall pick on Kyrie Irving and last year's top pick on Anthony Bennett, who had a tough first year in the NBA.

David Griffin, the Cavaliers General Manager, "It was incredible. When Cleveland didn't pop up at nine, I knew obviously we had moved up and I had to gather myself for a second. Just a remarkable feeling."

On if there is a clear number one in the draft, Griffin said, "I don't think there's a clear cut number one pick in most drafts. I think when people say that they have a really strong feeling for one player over another but there's not necessarily a consensus in most drafts."

Griffin said of possibly picking a player that fits best with their roster, "Yeah, and I think we're very open-minded. We will try to get radically better, much quicker. We really feel there's a sense of urgency in improving our team as a whole and we're going to look for the right fit and we're very open-minded to what that really means."

The Milwaukee Bucks, who had the worst record this season, had a 25 percent chance of landing the top pick, but drew second. Since the NBA went to this current format in 1993, the team with the best odds of the top pick has only gotten it three of the 20 times.

Wesley Edens, a Milwaukee Bucks co-owner, said, "Pick number two is a pretty good result. I think it gives us a great step in the right direction of building the team we want to have. I'm very, very excited."

On the thought process of who they would choose with the second or third pick, Edens said, "Not really. There's such a deep crop of players. Really, the process has just started in terms of evaluating them. Now, the hard work starts. If we were fourth we thought we'd have great options, obviously at two we have better options. It's wonderful. Really, it's a pivotal moment for the organization and a great step in the right direction."

The Philadelphia 76ers, who had Dr. J, Julius Erving, sitting in for them, got the third pick after having the second-best odds to get number one. Philadelphia also received the 10th pick in the draft.

Erving said on if the 76ers are on the way up, "Well, we still have to get the coaching staff, the players, the front office and the fans to do it together. They have to rise together. Getting one guy on the court is not going to do it. It has to be a cohesive effort."

On if the Sixers should draft a big man, Dr. J said, "We've got Nerlens Noel sitting over there. I mean, power forward would probably be good. And then you get the 10th pick, then maybe you get your guard there. We can get a power forward and a guard. I don't think we need a center."

Following Philadelphia is the Orlando Magic at 4, the Utah Jazz at 5, the Boston Celtics at 6, the Los Angeles Lakers at 7, the Sacramento Kings at 8, and the Charlotte Hornets (just changed their name from the Bobcats) at 9. This was Detroit's pick, but because it went to the Top 10, it went to Charlotte to complete the Ben Gordon trade.

With the 11th pick is the Denver Nuggets, whose Head Coach Brian Shaw represented them here. The Orlando Magic got the 12th pick, followed by the Minnesota Timberwolves at 13, and the Phoenix Suns at 14.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said ahead of the Lottery, "Let me just say this class has a special place in my heart. It'll be my first class as the commissioner when we hold the draft this June. I met with seven of the potential lottery picks today. They seemed like an outstanding group of young men.

"As you all know, I'm a big college basketball fan. I thought the NCAA Tourmanent was fantastic this year, particularly the Final Four, and now we're experiencing a Final Four of our own. This Playoffs continues to be one of the most exciting in recent memory, enormous buildup and expectation for our Finals," said Silver.