By Anthony Locicero - New York Sports Examiner Reporter - @anthonylocic on Twitter

Here are, what I believe to be, the pros and cons of each superstar winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view June 29 in Boston. There are seven wrestlers vying for the title, and I will break it down, one by one, starting with…

John Cena

Pros: A title win for the leader of Cenation would most certainly pop the young kids and females in the crowd. Cena may even get some hometown support, though the 14-time WWE champion seemingly gets a mixed reaction wherever he goes. The Newbury, Mass. native doesn’t miss a lot of time and would certainly fit the bill as a ‘fighting’ champion. A win for Cena could mean a feud against a returning Daniel Bryan, a continuation of his program with Bray Wyatt, or possibly a feud against a top and/or up-and-coming superstar.

Cons: Well… he’s John Cena. He doesn’t need the belt(s). He can always insert himself into the main event/title picture just because of who he is. Cena has been champion plenty of times before, and this could be a real chance for the WWE to put the title on someone else and shake things up. Plus, there’s talk of a heel champion emerging victorious. That would exclude the face of the company.

Roman Reigns

Pros: Seemingly everyone has Reigns pegged as the ‘Next Big Thing.’ I don’t disagree. He’s good looking and charismatic. He certainly has the build that Vince McMahon wants in a WWE superstar.

Reigns has the pedigree (coming from a wrestling family) and is very over with the crowd. He’s been in the main event picture with the Shield, which defeated Evolution thrice.

If WWE wanted to get a good look at the future, it could put the belt on Reigns and have him feud with Randy Orton and/or HHH.

Cons: I think it’s way too soon to put the title on Reigns. That’s not a knock on him or his abilities, though. While he definitely has the potential to be champion by/at Wrestlemania 31, I believe Reigns still needs to improve some aspects of his game. He’s getting better on the mike, but could always improve. I also think he needs a more diverse move set. I’m used to seeing him get tagged in, clean house and hit his signature spots – i.e. Superman Punch and spear.

Reigns has gotten a bit of a singles push: being the last wrestler eliminated in the Royal Rumble, and by earning the last spot in this match. However, he’s yet to have a singles feud against anybody, let alone a fellow top tier talent. Reigns will be champion, just not yet.

Alberto Del Rio

Pros: I’m hard pressed to think of anything here. While a win for ADR would certainly come out of nowhere, I really don’t see why the WWE would choose this outcome. A failed baby face turn some months back and a lack of momentum hurt his case. If creative wants to shock everyone, here’s a prime opportunity to do so.

Cons: There’s plenty. ADR gets little to no reaction from the crowd. He has little to no momentum. He’s been absent from the main event/title picture for quite some time. I firmly believe Del Rio is in this match purely on name recognition.

Randy Orton

Pros: The Viper is what HHH would say is “best for business.” Orton is a 12-time world champion and will certainly get a lot of heat by winning the title again. An Orton victory could also set up for a rematch with a returning Daniel Bryan, if WWE decides to go in that direction. Or…it could set up for a feud with Roman Reigns.

Cons: Haven’t we seen enough of Orton as champion? I’ve grown a bit tired of his act and I don’t think a title win for Orton will go over too well with the fans. The Viper does seem like a safe bet to win, though.


Pros: I am all for Cesaro winning the title at Money in the Bank. This would be a huge push for a great worker. Cesaro has plenty of great, crowd-popping moves (European Uppercut; the Big Swing) and has Paul Heyman, arguably one of the greatest managers of all time, as his mouthpiece.

Cons: He started his main roster run squashing low-level guys and has only held one of the secondary titles (the oft-forgotten U.S. title that Dean Ambrose never seemed to defend). A win in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was certainly a feather in the Swiss superstar’s cap, but I believe Cesaro has been lost in the mid-card mix, wrestling against Bad News Barrett and Rob Van Dam. Cesaro is also mostly over with the more meta-fans, not so much the rest of the WWE Universe.


Pros: If a win set up Sheamus to turn heel, I would be alright with that. I hate to beat a dead horse, but Sheamus – or as I call him, John Cena-lite – really needs a change. Enough of the kiddie-friendly promos and “Fella.”  

Cons: He’s already the U.S. champion and seems to be lost in the mid card shuffle as well. He recently teamed with the Usos against the Wyatt Family. I think Sheamus is in this match based on name recognition and the fact that he’s a former champion.

Bray Wyatt

Pros: “He’s got the whole world, in his hands…”

Wyatt is technically a heel, but the hometown name drop is textbook Mick Foley “cheap pop” and the sing-a-long is crowd friendly. Putting the title on Wyatt would really shake things up. The former Husky Harris is one of the best promo guys in the business right now and he’s had a main event level feud with the face of the company, John Cena. Harper and Rowan could win the tag titles off the Usos earlier in the show, and the Wyatt Family could emerge with all three members rocking the gold.

Cons: It may be too soon to put the title on Wyatt, unless it’s a short run to see how he does as champ. I think he still needs to have some more programs with fellow top level stars, despite being extremely over.

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