By Tanya Mercado

Sandy Alderson has become a little aloof when it comes to this offseason. While he continues to make jokes, players are beginning to get signed. The Philadelphia Phillies signed Marlon Byrd. Trades are happening like Prince Fielder is going to the Texas Rangers. In the meantime, Alderson is talking about having five dollar bills in his hotel room to sign players. Looks like he is using a couple of those five dollar bills to sign OF Chris Young.

Tired of the empty promises, empty meetings like with Jay-Z about Robinson Cano, and empty signings. This is what the Mets fan base is still getting. Young is an outfielder who hit .200 last year and struck out 93 times. This is the player that Alderson feels will make a difference. It is a poor signing. If you have jokes to fill, you do it with quality. Young is just one more mediocre player, at best, which we have come to expect from a mediocre general manager.

Pitching has always been an issue. When will that be addressed? Bronson Arroyo has made it clear he would like to come to New York. He is a clear winner who can take this staff to another level. Jonathan Niese is a veteran, but not a leader. Definitely not a leader that is needed. There is no Johan Santana anymore. No LaTroy Hawkins to talk to the kids. With a young staff, you need that solid starter. Money and time in Arroyo would be wise. The fact that Alderson has not made contact should make the sirens go off.

Is Alderson really ready to do needs to be done to make the Mets franchise legitimate? Omar Minaya did that in just one year. Yes, the Wilpons gave him full autonomy. They gave him a massive checking account to work with. Yet even he was able to get quality in the cheap. Alderson just gets the cheap. You cannot continue to get cheap players and hope something great will happen. Either he is ready to really play ball or he isn't. The Wilpons cannot continue to get blamed for everything. The general manager is just as guilty. He should be making the argument that money needs to be spent. This is not a time to make jokes. This is his last chance to make something of himself and this franchise. The clock is running out.