Mayweather made adjustments but he can be beat

By Rich Mancuso

Floyd Maywether Jr. almost got beat Saturday night. But, as he said, “I made adjustments,” and a veteran can do that. But whoever he fights next may be able to get by those adjustments. Marcos Maidana could not figure that out and perhaps he can if there is a rematch in September.

Whatever opinion one has about Mayweather, and there are many pros and cons when it comes to the now unified welterweight champion, one can never dispute his knowledge of adjusting. Because, if Maidana had adapted to what was going on this could have been a draw or we are talking about Maidana as the champion.

 Mayweather may have left the ring with his first loss, but he is tactical and technical. Maidana was also technical. This may have been Mayweather’s toughest fight but he said Canelo Alvarez was tougher and Miguel Cotto hit harder.

So why was Mayweather continuing to brag about his win at the post fight press conference? Because he knows, as we all do, that with the exception of maybe a return bout with Maidana, there is nobody out there that can stop his quest at a legacy the sport of boxing may never top. Mayweather thrives on this type of win. He thrives on controversy, though not as vicious as that once was.

Are his punches and technique still as vicious, as they were in previous fights? Maidana seemed to handle himself well. And at times it looked like Mayweather was beginning to show that age has maybe caught up to him. It looked that way in the first portion of the fight, and then Mayweather made the adjustments.

One judge had the fight scored 114-114, which could be disputed. Though, as scored here, 115-113 seemed to be a consensus. Either way all three judges had it different by seven rounds, more for the undefeated 46-0 champion who continued his legacy.       

The fact is, as stated here time-and-time again: Floyd Maywether is the face of boxing. And the public, those who know nothing about the sport, will tune in and support the champion who has the most lucrative contract a fighter may never see again. So, the public goes for this public figure that fights two times a year.

Yet, boxing has more than Floyd Mayweather Jr. but the casual fan will not tune into that. So, what does Floyd Mayweather say after his win Saturday night? Nothing spectacular that will make a casual boxing fan pay attention more to the sport, except if it is Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Yet, it is noticeable, that Maidana had Mayweather beat, at least for half a portion of the fight, and he made Mayweather look vulnerable by throwing what he had to and connecting as well.  Meaning, when they meet the next time, and in all probability they will, Maidana can make his adjustment and leave the ring victorious.

This was not an inexperienced Canelo Alvarez or an overmatched Robert Guererro. Mayweather did not have to adjust against them in two mismatches of opponents that continued to make him the face of boxing. This is not to say that Mayweather is on his last legs or not well deserving of being one of the all-time greats in the sport.

That he is, greatness and someone boxing may never see again when he decides to hang up the gloves. And that won’t be anytime soon as Mayweather continues to collect on his guarantee $32 million or more per fight with his CBS/Showtime contract.

There will be talk about that proposed Manny Pacquiao fight again, though that issue was not addressed after the fight. If Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer splits from Oscar De la hoya, as may be the case, Mayweather will still depend on Schaefer to handle his fights. So, what we saw Saturday night could be seen again in September, because Schaefer and Bob Arum of Top Rank will never do business together.

However, the 37-year old Mayweather, knows how to conduct business in the ring. Vulnerable for the first time in his career, yes that is now a fact.  And we learned more about the face of boxing.

We learned, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a master at making adjustments during a fight. And, he won’t be beat unless Marcos Maidana or someone else knows how to figure that out.

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