Floyd will never fight Manny and here is why

By Rich Mancuso

You knew the talk was coming. Immediately after Manny Pacquiao dominated Brandon Rios in the early hours of Sunday morning in China, the name Floyd Mayweather Jr. became the subject. Except Mayweather was ringside at Madison Square Garden in New York City observing a kickboxing event and that showed his interest in a fight with Pacquiao.

In all fairness to Pacquiao, he was dominant. Rios may have been a hand- picked opponent, deserving to get his opportunity. However, Pacquiao was on a mission to show the boxing world that he is not finished, even though he failed to finish the job and TKO Rios, and settled for a unanimous decision win.

Pacquiao had his best fight since his win over Miguel Cotto. The jab and power were evident. There were no signs of the aging legs giving in, and no talk of leg cramps that have been discussed after his encounters with Shane Mosley and Juan Manuel Marquez.

But, truth of the matter is there will never be the Pacquiao encounter with Mayweather.

And, once again the talk of a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight will be discussed as we go into the next year. Because that is the fight boxing fans want, and for reasons we may never know for sure, the mega fight that was supposed to happen will never happen.

We know the chronology of events, as to how close the fight was coming to fruition. Aware that the sport was in dire need of seeing the supposed two best pound-for-pound kings in the ring, the promoters handled their business. And as long as they handle business, that to them is to their advantage, this is a fight that will only be discussed as a debate.

Mayweather may still want his shot at Pacquiao to cement his legacy in the sport. And Pacquiao, more so after the win over Rios, from all accounts, wants to put an end to the discussion and meet his rival.

But, the situation has not changed. The promoters, Bob Arum who handles Pacquiao with Top Rank, and Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy, are not on the same page. Business is business to them, more so for Schaefer when it comes to dealing with Mayweather.

Realizing the fight still has some interest, though not of the magnitude of a few years ago, Arum was quick to say that the fight is still possible. The consensus is, Arum waited to see how effective Pacquiao would be with Rios. It worked. Manny, with the exception of not finishing with a TKO, was impressive.

In New York, Mayweather was observing the kick boxing main event in the Garden Theatre arena, an event televised live on Spike TV. He stayed away from offering comment but a source said, Mayweather offered complimentary tones about the latest Pacquiao win and did not rule out the fight from happening.

At ringside, in Macao China was Cotto. He observed Pacquiao with interest. Cotto is once again working with Arum as a co-promoter. Pacquiao, as is understood will fight again in April, in Las Vegas either in a return bout with Timothy Bradley, and there is always talk about another meeting with Marquez.

But the Marquez-Pacquiao and possible five time encounter would not have the appeal. Fight fans have seen enough of that, and Marquez has not shown an interest in meeting his nemesis again. Regardless, Pacquiao will stick with the plan and fight two more times in 2014, April and the assumption is another date next November or December.

Cotto could be on the agenda, Bradley, or even the Russian fighter, Rusian Provodnikiv. The obvious next opponent for Pacquiao would be Bradley. It is the one loss on the record that should not be, and Pacquiao would not want to hang up the gloves without meeting Bradley another time.

The redemption of defeating Bradley will erase sour memories of possibly the worse decision rendered in the sport. Though this is not Mayweather-Pacquiao, boxing fans would have the interest in seeing a fair resolution and different outcome from the events that took place at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on June 9, 2012, a split decision win for Bradley and the WBO welterweight title. 

“My journey will continue. I am willing to fight Floyd. But it is up to him if he is willing also,” commented Pacquiao who will go home and assist his countrymen in need after the disaster of Typhoon Haiyan.

Said Arum, when the name of Mayweather came up again, “If all sides cut the crap it can happen,” meaning he is willing to negotiate, or was it another smoke screen to make him look like the good guy because the fight is not possible?

Schaefer, who aligns Golden Boy business with Mayweather, had that memorable quote last year when it came to not doing business with Arum: “Bob Arum is a disrespectful old man.”

So, from that comment and with a position from Schaefer that has not changed, there will be no Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. But that can change if Mayweather negotiates his own deal and that is not possible with his lucrative six-fight contract and agreement with Showtime.

Yes, it is also a network war as well and Schaefer is the culprit. There is loyalty with Schaefer and Mayweather, as much as there is with Pacquiao and Arum. The result is, boxing fans can talk all they want, debate who would win the fight. The fight is not going to happen.

After two years of talk, and with Pacquiao looking like himself, we can still debate. However, the talk will be who will Mayweather face next, and what will be next for Pacquiao? 

No, it won’t be Pacquaio vs. Mayweather. And if they ever do meet it will not have the magnitude when the talk started.    

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