Loyal Met Fans Insulted By The Loyalty Oath

Russ Cohen submission from: - www.Sportsology.info

A lot of Met fans received a recent email that talked about being loyal to the club and signing on along with Ron Darling, John Franco, etc. Maybe it sounded great in the boardroom but the reality is it insulted long-standing fans just hoping for a .500 season let alone 90 wins like general manager Sandy Alderson suggested.

Stephen Loeb shared his thoughts on social media:

“The Mets disgust me....I know, I know, that by itself is not news for anyone that follows this wretched franchise. But it's not simply a question of what's on the field it goes way beyond that. Last week the organization sent out a mass email to fans asking them to sign on to "pledge their support." In effect saying, "Why don't you people come out, pay for tickets, transportation, parking, food and watch us?" What do you get for signing the pledge? A share of profits? A discounted ticket? A free hot dog? A program? Nothing. Nada. Zilch! Well, even less than that. The fact is this team is not horrible that they have put out there so far. The starting pitching is more than adequate and the outfield is actually pretty good. But they are still doing things on the cheap. Shortstop has still not been addressed. And the relief pitching is beyond awful. This team has actually led in all but 4 games this season! Yet, as shown again last night - game after game after game, the pen blows up! Perhaps when management makes a pledge to put out a competitive professional team, I might make a personal pledge to go out and spend money to watch them.”

Here are the facts about New York baseball . Fans love it. Fans will always watch it and listen to it through the good and the bad. Fans will not show up if they feel the team isn’t doing everything they can to improve and so far Mets management hasn’t fielded the team they promised a few year’s ago.

Last night’s game was lost because of a shortstop error by Omar Quintanilla (lifetime .220 hitter) and a bad bullpen, the shortstop is another Oakland A’s castoff. Since the Mets management is comprised of former Mets and A’s management the Mets have been acquiring many of those players and most have failed.

It’s nice to compile starting pitching but if that’s all it takes to get into the playoffs then their rival, the Philadelphia Phillies would still be a playoff team and they’ve been beset by hard times as well.

The Mets are 16-15 in 4th place and they will end up right around that spot when the season ends. The Mets are hitting .223 (ranked 13th in the NL), They have six homers (ranked 12th), They’ve struck out 110 times (ranked 2nd), and they have a .297 OBP, ranked 11th. This isn’t money ball, this isn’t really Mets baseball either. This is a patchwork team that was designed to survive this season and possibly compete next year if they spent a little more money and Travis D’Arnaud (hitting .195 after almost 200 MLB at-bats at the age of 25), Chris Young (2 homers, 9 RBI .273), and Curtis Granderson (.185, 3 homers, 13 RBI). Don’t look at Nelson Cruz’s numbers or salary for that matter. Baltimore got a deal , the Mets are getting what they paid/traded for.

Pitching, Bartolo Colon is 2-4 with a 5.65 era. Even if he goes on a tear he won’t win the Cy Young Award. The Mets have the 5th best pitching in the NL but their bullpen is what kills them. Same as last year, no change at all. Met fans are tired of hearing that the bullpen is hard to fix. Coaches and GM’s and Assistant GM’s get hired to cure these problems. Last year the Mets pen was ranked 12th in the NL. This year it doesn’t pass the eye test. If you think I’m being to harsh then visit www.fangraphs.com and you will see the Mets pitching staff from 2010-2013 is ranked 29th in baseball. This includes advanced statistics.

WAIT! I have one last statistic that might shock you. From 2010-2013 the Mets are ranked 26th in fielding. This is something that hasn’t been talked about in great detail and now you can see there’s a lot there too.