Knicks were never meant to be a playoff team and it is time to clean house

 Rich Mancuso

Let the games begin for the New York Knicks as it applies to Phil Jackson. Now that the Knicks are out of the playoffs for the first time in three seasons, the new chief, Jackson, can get to work. After all the season was a travesty from the beginning of the opening tip-off.

Any astute observer of the team realized there was more to be done. More as to having the proper five on the court, an improbable task that was at hand for coach Mike Woodson.  A task that could not be overcome and now Jackson can get to work.

There are no playoffs. Madison Square Garden will be dark for the next few months with the exception of the co-tenant hockey Rangers. The action will be across the East River, as the Brooklyn Nets become the center of basketball attention.

Woodson, unfortunately, could be a victim of this 2014 travesty. Jackson, from those in the know, would prefer to bring in someone of his choice and the name of Steve Keer is mentioned. The Jackson favored triangle offense does not fit the Woodson style of coaching.

As, is most situations of a new regime, Woodson has to be the victim. However, he can’t be faulted for an offense that was inconsistent, a defense that gave up to much points and a roster of veterans that had different roles.

The cleanup must begin and Jackson has that authority. The impending free agency of Carmelo Anthony will be a priority. Jackson has stated his team leading scorer and All-Star would be welcomed back. Though, without any significant changes in personnel, Carmelo Anthony would rather be with a contender and seek his first championship.

A championship for the New York Knicks is not coming soon, no matter how good the credentials look on the Phil Jackson profile. MORE TO COME….

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