Promoters Bob Arum and Don King have not joined forces in five years and Wednesday afternoon in New York City they definitely made an impact in the boxing world announcing the first major pay-per-view boxing event of the year.  However it wasn’t the often bitter rivals who stole the show at BB Kings Club & Grill over in Times Square.Instead it was WBA super welterweight champion Miguel Cotto and two-time champion Ricardo Mayorga doing the talking for their upcoming “Relentless” title fight Saturday March 12th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  Showtime Championship Boxing will televise the event that will also include Yori Foreman taking on top ten- contender Pawel Wolak in a 10-round super welterweight bout.There was King doing his thing. Flamboyant as ever, King who is no longer considered a major player, has his hopes that Mayorga will take the title away from Cotto. This was a fight under discussion last year even before Mayorga tested the waters in mixed martial arts.Cotto is still a viable champion and if victorious could get his redemption against Antonio Margarito at Madison Square Garden in June. But looking ahead has never been a motive for Cotto. He leaves that to Arum, his promoter and is looking for another dominant fight after disposing Foreman at Yankee Stadium in New York last June.So we saw a different type of Cotto at the podium. Mayorga has a habit of bringing out the best in an opponent especially when the lights and cameras are on. There was no cigarette in the mouth of Mayorga, or a liquor bottle in his hand that has been customary, just combatant words from Mayorga that had Cotto on edge and ready to respond when he had the opportunity.And through it all, King was silent. Perhaps the one time most powerful promoter in the sport has seen age and less power take its toll. Mayorga did the talking, and so did Cotto in what could be an interesting and perplexing fight that was good enough for Showtime and not HBO to take an interest.Mayorga predicted a fourth round knockout, and it got better. “I have been watching all your fights the past four months, you are punch drunk,” he said to the champion from Cagaus Puerto Rico. “You can’t take a punch anymore and I will retire him. You and your trainer (Emanuel Steward) will fall.”And with those words, and much more, Cotto went to work. Much more of the fighting words not usually heard from the champion at one of his press conferences. Because Mayorga compared Cotto’s hands to a woman and said he never liked him as a fighter.The tone from Cotto was much different and of course assertive   He has never backed down from a challenge and certainly not this one  “My job is to fight in the ring,” answered Cotto who has held a world title every year since 2004 winning 15 of the 17 world championship belts he has held. “Nobody wins a fight with their mouth,” he said.Both fighters have been in the ring with some of the best including Manny Pacquiao, Felix Trinidad and “Sugar” Shane Mosley. “Like Margarito, after the Pacquiao fight, you will be thinking of retiring after I am done with you,” said the 37-year old Mayorga, (28-7-23KO’s).There were references to Cotto being “as small as a kid,” and “I think my pants are taller than you.” Of course more fire coming from Mayorga. This should make the fight more interesting in the weeks ahead. King was smiling again, but Cotto wasn’t because references to retirement and the ugly loss to Margarito only make him more confident.What to watch before March 12th is how well Cotto works again with Steward who will be in his corner for the second time. The two adapted well when Cotto stopped Foreman.“Mayorga is a very tough man physically and mentally,” said Steward. “Forget about boxing, he is a fighter. He is going to come out and throw punches from all angles. He will probably come into the ring about 170 pounds.”And Cotto kept talking as Mayorga did his usual interrupting. “I didn’t interrupt you, so don’t interrupt me,” he said to the challenger “The door is open there if you want to leave. With those little pants I beat Shane Mosley…do you remember him, Shane Mosley,” referring to how Mayorga  lost by knockout to Mosley in their title bout back in 2008.Yes, a fight that will draw some interest and speculation as to who will prevail, and a win for King if his fighter Mayorga is victorious.  For Cotto a win leads to getting closer to a redemption fight with Margarito.e-mail Rich Mancuso: