Joe Buck on NY Super Bowl and McCarver

By Jason Schott

Joe Buck will be calling his fourth Super Bowl with FOX Sports, and he sounded off on how this New York Super Bowl compares with the others and this upcoming baseball season without long-time broadcast partner Tim McCarver.

In his chat with reporters at the Sheraton on Tuesday, he bucked (intended pun) the trend of most people who have complained about this being the first cold-weather Super Bowl.

"I'm so tired of even hearing faint complaints about it being in New York. To me, those are people who complain because it's more of an effort to get to parties, and I'm not here for that. I'm here actually to do the game. We're going to meet with the Broncos tomorrow (Wednesday) and the Seahawks on Thursday and I can't wait to actually talk about football and get back into it. It seemed so far off, and now it's finally here."

"Everything's bigger and better when it's here. When you have an event like this in this city, in this area, it's that much bigger. We were in Dallas last time, you know, Dallas, everything's bigger in Texas, but nothing like this place, I'm thrilled to be here."

Buck was in Dallas for Super Bowl XLV in 2011, when the Packers beat the Steelers, and the weather was a challenge there too, with an ice storm that hit during Super Bowl week. "It was worse in Dallas that this. This is cold, but...I remember Troy picked me up to go talk to one of the teams and we could hardly get there, sliding all over the place. You can try and make it as perfect as you want it, give me New York, I'm happy to come here. They can have it here every year I'm doing it."

I asked Buck if it has sunk in yet that Tim McCarver will not be with him for the upcoming baseball season, he said, "That's weird; it's a weird thought. To think that I started with him, I've known him my whole life, to think that I started with him when I was 26 and now I'm 44... no, to answer your question. That's part of my DNA. Whoever I walk into the booth with next spring, it's going to be a bit of a jolt, but then we'll got about doing the best job that we can."

This was quite a season to send McCarver off into the sunset, with another Red Sox world championship. Buck said, "It was cool. To get a chance to be the first guys to ever call them winning the World Series at Fenway Park on television, we were the first guys to ever call on television them winning the World Series in '04."

The booth rocked at Fenway when the Red Sox won it. "It moves, and that's a little bit unnerving...We had that last week in Seattle, where the booth actually moves because of the noise and the jostling of the fans. That's when A) you're scared because it's like I don't know how to fly this thing and B) you just take it all in and are thankful you're there."

Since Buck was here in New York for the Super Bowl, I asked if he missed a spot he called numerous World Series games, old Yankee Stadium. "It was my favorite venue. You can build them all, and when I die, you ask me what was your favorite place was to call a game, Yankee Stadium. People say, 'oh yeah, it was probably Busch Stadium.' Yankee Stadium, hands down, it was the best spot, it was the greatest atmosphere, it was the loudest crowd, it was always abuzz. The booth was great, not that anybody cares about that. That was literally the best venue in all of sports for me personally to call a game."