Golovkin vs. Geale

by: Philip Caban


1st fight:

Rodriguez vs. Southern


Southern comes into less than luster fan fair. Rodriguez has a strong contingent present as he walks into one of Drake’s newest tracks.

Southern comes out strong and aggressive. Rodriguez lands a few left check hooks and then a vicious left hook to the liver...its over. First round TKO by way of a body shot, 2:17 in the first round. Those that have come to see Rodriguez in his American flag shorts will go home happy.


2nd fight:

Hernandez-Harrison vs. Acuna


1st round:

Acuna comes out to some more Drake, no surprise. The garden is a little fuller now. Dusty Hernandez comes out to support.

First moments of the first round start conservatively. Acuna jabbing and Dusty feeling him out. Pensive. Parry’s a bunch of jabs and attempts a big right hand. Misses off the shoulder. Hernandez seems more powerful and deliberate. Acuna is reaching and wants to make something happen.

Hernandez lands a powerful cross to the side of the head and Acuna seems ok. Two check left hooks thrown simultaneously and they both step back in respect.

Final 10 seconds and neither have done anything to speak of.

2nd, 3rd, and 4th round:

All 3 rounds are much of the same. Acuna looking frustrated and reaching. Hernandez stuffing jabs in his face and moving, landing the overhand right and left hook to the liver at will. Its not competitive and Acuna is taking punishment. Hernandez takes all 3 rounds in my book.

5th round:

Hernandez is decidedly more confident and is pressing more this round. Came out swinging.

Much like the last 4 rounds, no shortage of Acuna’s sweat to be spread around via jab and cross. Hernandez’ eyes are wide open and confident. He lands a few more big check hooks on Acuna and the round ends. Acuna goes back to the corner visibly frustrated.

6th round:

Hernandez is landing at will. Lands a big shot on the side of Acuna’s head and a-la Foreman in the 70’s, he looks at the ref as if to say “he hasn't had enough yet?”. even Hernandez thinks Acuna’s corner should step in.

Big body shots. Big liver shots. Big shots to the head. He is ducking and Acuna is missing. Big right cross and Acuna stumbles into the ropes.

6th round ends and Acuna again throws his hands up in frustration. He has more heart and less hands than he needs.

7th round:

Hernandez should be able to finish this by now. He’s not taking chances and could have had this kid out of here by now. There's been enough practice, you've gotten in your rounds, finish business. We all like to watch a fight, no one likes to watch a slaughter.

Acuna misses big over the top. Hernandez counters, but then pulls up. Hes not letting go. 7th round ends. Hernandez 7-0.

8th round:

The crowd heckles Hernandez for not closing. Hes throwing more and throwing harder but nothing is happening. Maybe he suffers from Malignaggi syndrome. Acuna is taking every shot and yelling more, reminiscent of Ricardo Mayorga.

Hernandez didn't close the show because he couldn't close the show. Not good for his later prospects. 8-0 Hernandez, but if there was a fight he should have finished it should have been this one. Acuna is game and worthy, he just got out-classed.

3rd fight:

Caputo vs. Afolabi

Caputo makes his way to the ring. All black, half shirt, good sweat worked up. Soprano’s music, looks like Jake LaMotta, walking like he has hay bails under his arms. The gratuitous smirk over the shoulder to no one in particular. Really trying to make a statement.

Afolabi comes out all smiles and waving to people in the crowd. Looks like hes about to get on a ride at great adventure.

Caputo looks like hes had a little bit more capicolla than he needed. Afolabi isn't in the most impressive shape either, both have plenty of ink.


1st round:

Action starts right in a phone booth, both men are not scared of heavy leather...or donuts.

Caputo is throwing heavy and missing for the most part. His nose is already bleeding. Afolabi is a bit more measured and is favoring the check hook. Caputo really does look like Jake LaMotta. As Don King often said “that boy has the complexion of affection”, Caputo’s face is Valentines Day red.

1st round ends and its hard to say who won. Sloppy and heavy. The action I mean...not the fighters...I mean...whatever. Ill leave them alone, Im sure they both trained real hard. If I had to pick, I'd say 1-0 Afolabi.

2nd round:

Afolabi comes out cranking uppercuts. Caputos head is swinging all over the place. Afolabi is landing heavy jabs that sound like crosses. Caputo is now bleeding from his left eye and his nose. No doubt the result of one of those hellacious uppercuts.

Afolabi leaning on him and talking to him now. Right hooks to the body. Caputo lands a big shot and Afolabi wobbles. Caputo comes back with a big overhand right and an uppercut. Afolabi answers with yet another uppercut, make that three. Caputo wobbles every time but then comes back right away.

Hes starting to look more like the Council Bluffs Butcher than LaMotta (thats the guy from Omaha that fought Frazier in 1972).

3rd round:

Afolabi comes out strong. Big body shots and uppercuts.

Caputo goes down on a huge right uppercut. Hes bloody and reaching, grabbing and holding. This is getting messy.

More messy swinging. He goes down again, not sure what punch it was. Afolabi threw 4 or 5 punches...Caputo went down. 3 round ends and Caputo’s corner stops it.

4th fight:

Perez vs. Jennings


The athletes are BIG. Jennings tall and ripped, but very dry. Perez is soft but in shape. Cuban born, Irish accent (yeah you read right), a bit shorter and stockier, huge calves, a good sweat worked up.

1st round:

Jennings in the conventional stance. Perez a southpaw.  Theyre both respecting each others power for the moment. Perez is smiling at him and looks very confident. Jennings is a bit jittery.

1st round goes by with not much action to speak of. Perez looks decidedly more confident. Its only the 1st round. If I was forced to pick a side Id go with 1-0 Perez.

2nd round:

Perez comes out more aggressive. Jennings looks a little jittery still and isn't stepping into his punches. Jennings lands a hard right hand, Perez looks at him as if nothing happened.

A lot of dancing for Jennings, a lot of clowning for Perez. The action is slow.

2nd round to Jenning based on punch output and movement. Perez might have a mental edge.

3rd round:

Jennings is ducking getting caught under Perez’ forearm.

Perez looks supremely confident throwing big shots and barely guarding.

Big body shots being traded in the middle of the ring. Left and right hooks to the body. Everytime Jennings lands Perez smiles at him and hits him back...hard. Perez is pushing Jennings around.

3rd round ends and Id give to Perez.

4th round:

They're trading in the middle of the ring. Big body shots. Perez is baiting him in, hands down, slick looks, he has no respect for Jennings at all. Hes punching him in the face and blowing kisses at him. I wouldn't call him sportsmanlike but he's winning.

At the end of the 4th Jennings lands a big right cross and knocks Perez into the ropes. Perez blows a kiss. Much of the same. 4th goes to Jennings.

5th round:

Perez ducking and weaving, pot shotting. Not doing anything very effective. Still looking confident but thats about it.

Jennings is dancing and jabbing, definitely winning the points game now.

Everytime Perez lands though, it sounds different. Thudding and deep.

At the end of the round Jennings lands a big uppercut and right cross. Perez blows a kiss. 5th round to Jennings.

6th round:

Jennings has just now started to sweat. Hes looking a bit more comfortable now and throwing more body shots.

Perez looks like hes diving in and trying to headbutt, very Hopkins-ish.

Crowd is now chanting “B-Y” for Jennings.

Perez is throwing one punch at a time. Not too much action to speak of. Perez likes blowing kisses. 6th round to Jennings.

7th round:

Perez ducking and weaving more. Jennings pawing and catches Perez with a big right hand. Perez blows a kiss. Im starting to see a trend here.

Big body shots for Jennings, really don't seem to be doing much but they're landing and scoring points. Perez is not in good shape and is getting tired.

Jennings lands another body shot, you know what happened next. I dont need to tell you.

Perez is holding a lot and pretending its Jennings. Trying to catch Jennings coming in but its not working.

7th round to Jennings.

8th round:

Perez is definitely fatigued.

Clinch in the middle of the ring and 3 or 4 big shots to Perez’ bread basket. They part ways and Jennings sends him away with a right hand for the road.

They're letting them fly now. Jennings catches Perez with a right hand that stumbles him. Looks more like a balance/fatigue thing than actually hurting him. Perez tries to come back and Jennings covers up and holds.

8th round to Jennings.

9th round:

Perez’ confidence I spoke of before, its nerves. Hes still just rough housing and blowing kisses, sticking his tongue out. No respect for Jennings’ power, thats for sure. But hes not doing anything. Maybe its the venue, maybe its the lights. But something is keeping him from fighting his fight.

Jennings is more confident and throwing a lot more now. Hes landing at a high rate. Perez is holding, rough housing, and not doing much else. He has a good jab and hes not using it.

9th round to Jennings.

10th round:

Perez is throwing chopping overhand lefts, Jennings is covering up and not getting hit.

Jennings is holding and digging to the body. Still Perez doesn't respect it but he's not stopping it. Not a good formula for winning fights. Perez looks tired and his left eye is now swelling, Jennings looks fresh.

Jennings working the jab and staying on his toes.

Perez has his hands down and is trying to bait Jennings in. Its not working. Big right hook for Perez at the end.

10th to Jennings.

11th round:

They're trading in the middle of the ring and Perez is landing. Jennings is landing but this isn't where Jennings wants to be. Perez is most definitely stronger. Jennings head rattles everytime Perez connects.

It goes against conventional thought, but Jennings actually fights well off the ropes. Shoulder rolls and covering up. Perez dances in front of him with his hands down but can't actually hit him when he’s against the ropes.

Round ends, 11th to Jennings.

12th round:

The crowd is worked up, they're throwing heavy and its a little sloppy. Both are landing, Jennings more crisp, Perez harder.

Perez is obviously frustrated, he holds Jennings head down and hits him behind the head. Referee without prior warning takes a point from Perez. Not that it matters. He needs a KO as bad as he needs chapstick...from all the kissing of course.

Jennings is moving well and jabbing, fighting off the ropes again. Perez is leaning and throwing arm punches. Final 10 seconds is a wrestling match and the crowd is booing.

Michael Buffer is impeccably dressed, jus sayin…

12th round to Jennings.

Two judges had it 114-113 Jennings. 1 Judge had 115-113 Perez. Right...



Gennady Golovkin vs. Daniel Geale


Theres a different energy in the Garden now. There's a buzz of anticipation and the lights have gone down, the trademark blue HBO lights have taken over. The music is louder, the crowd is ready. Jim Lampley and Max Kellerman are doing their thing under the photog lights for the people at home.


Geale comes out quickly and with not much hub bub.

Jay Z is blaring. Crowd is going nuts. GGG comes out with a serious look on his face, sweat dripping, an heir of confidence that I can only liken to Tyson in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Looking across the ring almost as if hes wondering why the other guy believes he has the right to be there.

Michael Buffer announces Geale, he has some fans here.

He announces Golovkin and there is pandemonium.

Geale comes assertive and aggressive. Jabs, uppercuts, straights.

Golovkin is measuring and waiting. He looks like hes done this before.

Geale is landing here and there. Over hand rights and some uppercuts. Golovkin is throwing pin point accurate body shots and head shots. Geale is taunting him at every connect.

Looks like Geale still has a bit of nervous tension, he falls over his own feet with ho help from GGG. Hes throwing hard and the crowd is behind him. GGG is calm and pensive.

1st round to Geale just for being more active.

2nd round:

They trade in the middle of the ring and GGG lands a barrage of punches. Geale is now bleeding from his eight eye and goes down from a combo.

Hes up at the count of 3 and ready to go. Hes throwing with bad intention but GGG is unimpressed. Hes still measuring, patting, and then firing to the body. Geale is wild and trying to land something big.

GGG lands a left uppercut and the crowd goes “ohhh”. Didnt look or sound like it felt that good.

Round 2 ends, 2nd round to GGG with the extra point for the knock down.

3rd round:

Geale is still confident and taunting GGG a bit. Lands a punches and the crowd reacts. His movement is herky jerky and I think that is keeping GGG on his toes. Lunging jabs and straights from the ropes, quick spins. For now hes getting away from Golovkin.

They both land big rights, Geale first, Golovkin second and Geale goes down. Hes up at 4 but is very wobbly and the referee stops it.

Victory #30, KO # 27, 17th KO in a row. Golovkin ends this fight in spectacular fashion as we all expected. The crowd eats it up, and Geale gets to say he lasted 3 rounds with someone who will no doubt become one of the greats.

Gennady post fight speaks English as confidently as he throws punches. No translator. He is a perfect gentleman and sportsman. He emphatically proclaims that he enjoys to fight inside “like the mexican style”.

Max Kellerman asks him who he wants to fight next. He gives the typical athlete answer of “whoever my mgmt picks”, Max pushes the issue and GGG says “I respect him, I think hes a good fighter, Miguel...I want to fight Miguel Cotto”. We’ll see what happens.


Thats it for me. Thanks for reading...til the next fight.

Much love.