Get over it and Let Robinson Cano enjoy his time in Seattle

Rich Mancuso

New York - Robinson Cano is no longer wearing Yankees pinstripes and has a new look. The face is not groomed with a beard and he seems proud to be content to not be clean shaven as a Seattle Mariner. The New York Yankees and their fans should move on because in six weeks the $240 million contract belongs to the Mariners and not the Yankees.

Just think again. Minus Cano, the Yankees had the spending power again to invest in a McCann, Ellsbury, Beltran and a Japanese pitcher named Tanaka. The team is vastly improved without Cano, though questions revolve around his replacement at second and in the Yankees infield.

But, please forget about Cano. He moved on, despite the Yankees making every effort to retain him in the Bronx. And the media, colleagues in particular, should have no issue with writing and reporting about positive Yankees news instead of lamenting about the flaws of Robinson Cano.

You see, Cano is a major loss for the Yankees. That has been documented and it is not easy to replace a viable man in the infield who missed 12-games since the 2007 season.

And to Yankee fans, Cano will always be a Yankee. Though his return to the Bronx in a Mariners uniform will tell if there is forgiveness, and from past experience, with players that come and go, and opt to take a huge contract with another team, well you get the feeling it will not be a nice homecoming when Cano returns to the Bronx in a few months wearing the rival uniform.

So, there is all this controversy about comments coming from Yankees’ hitting coach Kevin Long related to Cano’s work ethic at the plate. Long said, Cano had a habit of not running out ground balls when he left the plate. That there were signs of being lackadaisical in his approach, and at times that was a question this past season.

Maybe, and this is a thought, Cano had an off day or two. Don’t we all slack off from time to time? And to the defense of a ballplayer playing a long season there are days when the push seems that more difficult. Except, Cano played in the spotlight of New York, wore Yankee pinstripes and that alone comes with high expectations.

Just like McCann, Ellsbury, Beltran and Tanaka, where the Yankees invested in almost over $450 million, they come with high expectations. And when they seem to slack off a bit, surely the criticism will heard.

The issue here is not Robinson Cano or the New York Yankees. It is an issue of a player, and teams making financial decisions that many times don’t appease the fans. Cano wearing another uniform, more so because he got an outstanding contract is hard to understand.

But this is baseball economics. Loyalty is no longer a part of the game or in any sport. The Yankees made their offer, a good one. The Mariners destined to reach the post season for the first time since 2001, feel Cano is one of those players who will get them back to playing baseball in October.

Because he was a good New York Yankee, and he was, Robinson Cano will always be criticized for leaving New York. He is now a Mariner and barking about his lack of hustle at times, well that is not fair to the work ethic Cano had overall as a New York Yankee.

His new look, that’s only part of the story. If he does not live up to expectations of the contract, well that’s a Mariners problem and not one for the Yankees.

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