By: Luis Vazquez

The Golden Boy Promotion held its press conference today for the Danny Garcia- Rod Salka 154 pound championship fight to be held at the Barclay's Center on August 9, 2014. The theme of the conference hosted by promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, was the danger of overlooking the underdog. Oscar pointed out several examples from this year alone in boxing to make his point.

"All you have to do is look at recent Golden Boy Boxing history to see some of the best fights start with underdogs fighting the fight of their lives." Oscar recounted. "John Molina knocking down Lucas Mattysse twice, Maidana knocking down Adrien Broner twice in dramatic fashion, Luis Collazo knocking out Victor Cruz in the second round, and it goes on and on."

Golden Boy will be offering three championship fights that evening. The president of Showtime Boxing has been pleased with the efforts of the three champions and expected the good times to continue with three hungry underdogs which he feels will translate into great fights.

"We have great American Stars in Gary Jacobs, Danny Garcia, and Lamont Peterson, who are a part of an incredible run the past two and a half years." a Showtime publicity representative explained. "Edgar Santana, Jarrod Fletcher, and Rod Salka, these guys are hungry and we expect they will come and deliver to the standard we have set on Showtime Championship Boxing."

The vacant WBA World Middleweight championship is the first of the title offerings contested by Daniel Jacobs and Jarrod Fletcher not present  as he trains in Australia.

 Gary Jacobs, whose story is one of overcoming that is uniquely underdog hase has earned the respect of the boxing community and Oscar de la Hoya. "He is a fighter I really admire. His fighting spirit inside the ring is demonstrated outside the ring."

Oscar explained. "He hits the canvas and comes back roaring to victory. That's what he's all about." The Brooklyn product also feels thankful for the title shot to be held here. "I am born and bred in Brooklyn and to have the opportunity to fight for the World Title here is just mindblowing."

The IBF Junior Welterweight championship between champion Lamont Peterson and Edgar Santana is one of a champion, who having been knocked out by Lucus Mattysse in a non-title bout, responded by retaining his 140 pound crown by decision over Dierry Jean. Lamont looks to lay "Havoc" to "El Chamaco." Lamont, a man of few words gave his opinion of his opponent.

"I am in training mode now. Its my first fight here. Im sure my opponent is working hard. Its going to be a good fight." Edgar, a professional since 1999 is getting his first crack at a World Championship. His tone gave clues to the road he's traveled. "I've been swallowed, chewed up, and spit out in my career. They say I'm an underdog. On the 9th let there be war.", Santana said sans emotion.

The Main Event between World 154 pound champion Danny Garcia and Rod Salka section of the conference was overshadowed y Danny's father, Angel, as has been the custom. He was in rare form, cursing, and making points about Danny's last fight. "If you look at the tape all you see is him holding and headbutting." Danny's opponent, Salka was compared to a future statistic.

"Your going to get the bullet, you're the innocent bystander." Angel closed with comments about who gets support and who doesn't comparing their plight to the fighting men in the military. "My family has fought in Desert Storm, Vietnam, Korea. The champion of the world is American, Hip, Hip, America!!!" Angel vented.

Garcia by comparison came out cool and composed as he neatly explained his view. "This is my third fight here. If I fought here next week I would be ready. Its going to be a stacked card as you can see and its going to be another great performance by me." Oscar de la Hoya closed out the proceedings with a telling statement.

He added, "Just remember one thing. August 9th, in Boxing you never count out the champion. But in America, you never count out the underdog."