Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield

New York: Ten months ago we all sawhow Danny Garcia Beat Zab Judahat the Barclays center in Brooklyn, New York In Las Vegas at the Floyd Mayweather/ Robert Guerrero Press conference, Karim Mayfield and his brother called out Danny Garcia for tittle fight.

 My thing Is, Mayfield signed with HBO and Garcia is with Showtime boxing. A lot of fans are well aware both brands don’t do business with each other unless it’s about Manny Pacquiao fighting Floyd Mayweather.

 Mayfield has become the Adrien Broner of boxing and what I mean by that is there is too much partying not enough training. Too much showing off your cars and jewelry, Thomas Dulorme Is also not much of a good fighter neither. But he was the better Man as of Saturday night coming off a landslide victory off of a sluggish Mayfield who couldn’t even land a decent hit and was just getting completely out boxed ten rounds.

 Is this the Karim Mayfield we all saw ten months ago when he called out Garcia for a title shot? I don’t think so. I believe he was just looking for a pay day if he couldn’t take Dulorme’s left counters after getting wobbled a bunch of times.

 Compare that left hook to Garcia’s signature left hook that knocked down Amir Kahn, Judah, and Lucas matthysse. Karim “Hard Hitta”, he calls himself but he only has 9 knock outs. if you really think you can’t even handle a random fighter thrown at you by HBO then what makes you think you are ready for Danny Garcia?

If anything Danny Garcia should be called “Hard Hitta.” Mayfield has not fought NOBODY worth talking about and he just lost to a random nobody that shows you all that trash talking he has been doing from a documentary about his career.

I respect that, but a majority of the time you were bashing Danny Garcia when you were his sparring partner and also Pacquiao’s sparring partner. The only time he shows his skills is when he is sparing otherwise he can’t improve in the ring.

Now, where does this leave the career of Karim Mayfield? Was he just a trash talker who just lost his only chance to make a career by trying to fight Provodnikov, or will he bounce back and when will he, fight again?

Amir Kahn, Marcos Maidana, Lucas Matthysse or luis Collazo, or Timothy Bradley, or even Victor Ortiz  who has no heart and will still give you another loss.

Or, fight Andre Berto. My whole point is, that you think you even stand a chance to just be given a title shot basedon who you fought.

Like Floyd Mayweather said “you wanna fight me- earn it.” I’m using that for Danny Garcia. Karim Mayfield you want a title shot against Danny Garcia earn it. After last your loss Saturday night looks like that’s gone out the window.