By Clifford Davis

NBA free agency essentially on hold, waiting for Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony


Nine days ago the NBA free agent period began. Teams were able to speak with players about signing with their teams. The two big free agents out there are Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James. It was known before July 1st that nothing dramatic was going to happen until both Lebron and Carmelo decided which teams they were going to sign with.

More than a week later and neither Anthony nor James has signed a new deal, leaving the NBA at a stand still as two of their biggest stars still remain undecided about where they want to go. The fact that it has taking this long and still going on is nothing short of ridiculous. Carmelo Anthony met with all interested teams last week, ending with his meeting with the Knicks last Friday.

There have been reports from everywhere, predicting everything from Carmelo going to Los Angeles to him waiting to see if there will be a possibility that he can somehow, someway, team up with Lebron James, taking the easier path to obtaining his first NBA championship.

Lebron James, met with Pat Riley of the Miami Heat yesterday in Las Vegas for about an hour, and his agent had discussions with multiple teams last week about potentially signing him. Now the world waits to see where either man will go.

There were reports from the New York Daily News last night that someone close to Carmelo Anthony said he “believes in Phil Jackson,” and that Carmelo will be signing a deal with the New York Knicks. The story in the Daily News stated that Anthony “wants to get it done in New York,” and a decision was expected today, but as of 7:30 this evening there have been no indication that Anthony will be making an announcement today.

Lebron James this afternoon had police officers in front of his home in Ohio and there were reports that an announcement would be made at 3:30 in the afternoon. No announcement was made, as fans begin showing up in front of James Ohio home anticipating a return to Cleveland. Lebron who is in Las Vegas still, has not made any statement of any kind suggesting where he was leaning towards signing.

The internet and social media, however, took its turn guessing where he would go, using James website as a way to prove he’s going back to Cleveland, and also making the assumption that moving vans, that were outside his home down in Miami, were on its way to Cleveland.

It has been a crazy week for the NBA, the madness should be over anytime now. The attention and the drama Lebron has created can rival a soap opera, it is prolonged, it has everyone talking, and it has gone on entirely too long. Only thing that will be missing is Lebron sitting down in front of television cameras doing another one hour “Decision” announcing where he will be taking his talents to next.

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