5 Coaches to watch out for this NFL Season

If you’re an NFL fan there’s good news. The games are about to commence. Well yes it’s just preseason to get everyone warmed up but these games can often set the tone for the upcoming season and thus are crucial and coaches play the most important role. This season like other will have 32 coaches and some are about to come under heavy scrutiny as the season progresses so today we take a look at 5 coaches to watch out for this season.

Jason Garrett

jason garrett

One coach that’s going to really feel the heat this is season the Dallas Cowboys coach but expect him to come out fighting. He’s been in charge for almost half a dozen seasons but has made it to the playoffs only once and was scrutinized heavily as an attack coordinator.

Yes there have been questions about his tactics and management skills this is got be the year he finally proves his worth.

Gus Bradley

gus bradley

It had been long since we last saw the Jacksonville Jaguar’s live up to their potential but last season they finally seemed to arrive at the big stage with the likes of Blake Bortles coming to the fore and with along with the new signing can really turn it up a notch this season.

This will be his 4th season in charge and with 5 wins under his belt last season he’ll definitely want to start off exactly where they left.

Mike McCoy

Mike McCoy

Yes the San Diego Charger were phenomenal in his first season in charge and were totally deserving of their playoff victory but since then they been quite a disappointment and most fans have been wondering where Joey Bosa is so far. Is he showing up?

There have also been talks of a change of stadium. McCoy would be hoping such issues are sorted and his team regains the form of the previous years.

Jim Fisher

jim fisher

Yes Fisher won the Super Bowl with Tennessee Titans almost 17 years back but for the 4 years he’s been with the Rams there hasn’t been much to cheer for him. In fact it’s gotten way worse than he’d have hoped. His last winning record was in 2008 and playoff victory came in 03-04.

Progress is slower than the fans would have hoped and a bad start to the season or poor preseason is going to be trouble.

Marvin Lewis

marvin lewis

Should a person who hasn’t won a single playoff game for 13 years now should be in charge of a team? Well that’s the question Cincinnati Bengals owner would be wondering come the start of the new season.

While the team has done well to make to the playoffs more often than not it’s hard to see him continue further without a playoff win under his belt.

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Top 5 highlights from the Rio Olympics yet

The Olympics started with a bang with the opening ceremony on the 5th of August and so far the Tournament hasn’t disappointed yet and the usual suspects USA and China are top of the medal chart once again but there’s still a lot of ups and downs yet to come and medals tell only half the story. So today we decided to take a look at the 5 best and worst highlights from the Olympics so far.

The opening day surprise

While the opening ceremony was much widely appreciated all round one particular person caught the eye and it was Pita Nikolas, Tonga’s flag bearer. This taekwondo athlete walked the path in a mat skirt with the body covered in oil and some couldn’t get their eye so off.

It got him about 1000-2000 Instagram followers in a flash and twitterati went gaga over it and millions would be hoping to see him in action soon.tonga

Aquaman is for real

If you’re looking for a superhero this Olympics he’s probably in the pool. Yes you’ve guessed it right we are talking about the one and only Phelps here. The flag bearer for the USA this year his top notch performances this year have once again caused a stir.

After notching up is 19th medal in the 4×100 meter freestyle relay he’s now added a further 2 recently in the 200m butterfly and 4×200 meter freestyle relay.  With a couple more events yet to take place expect that medal count to go up further.

Jun 30, 2016; Omaha, NE, USA; Michael Phelps swims during the Men's 200 Meter Individual Medley semi-finals in the U.S. Olympic swimming team trials at CenturyLink Center. Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

The odd tattoo

If you’ve been wondering what’s wrong with the odd Olympic ring on Phelps’s back there’s no reason for alarm. No it’s not bad ink work and neither a tattoo gone wrong. In fact the ring symbolizes an age old Chinese healing therapy. You can read more about it here.

michael phelps tattoo

The heartbreak

One of the biggest heartbreaks was seeing French athlete Samir Ait Said break his leg after messing up his landing after a good vault performance and to further rub salt into wound the stretcher carrying him was dropped to the ground by the medics.

But like most top notch athletes you can expect to see him back in action as soon as he recovers and also sent a message to fans using social media.vault

The sexist comments

The 400 meter record was broken by a Hungarian swimmer name Katinka Hosszu which came as a huge surprise to many and comments made by a news reporter claiming that her husband was the main reason behind the unexpected and amazing feat set twitterati into action once again with many calling the reporter a sexist.  He’s so far defended his decision but moving on, don’t forget to catch Katinka in the other events. Here’s a glimpse of her record breaking swim.

What moment has so far caught your eye so far? Don’t forget to comment or mail us.

Everything you need to know about the men’s basketball team at Rio Olympics

Aug 11, 2012; London, United Kingdom; USA forward Kevin Love (11) and forward LeBron James (6) and guard Kevin Durant (5) celebrate after winning the gold in the men's basketball final against Spain in the London 2012 Olympic Games at North Greenwich Arena. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The new NBA season gets underway in October but we are sure the die-hard fans are finding it hard to wait that long but guess what you don’t have to either with the Olympics commencing early in August you’ll have the chance to witness some of the best stars in action in their country’s colors and USA are once again favorites to grab the gold. Here’s all that you need to know about the team.

In the Past

Let’s begin with some insight into the past years. There’s a reason the USA team are top seeded and clearly are no strangers to the huge expectation and pressure placed on their shoulders and are on 17 game winning streak. USA has won gold 14 times out of the 17 Olympics and in 1988 and 2004 they won bronze.

They are expected to continue the stellar record this year too. One of the worst incidents in their history came in the 1972 Olympics. You can read all about it here. This lose ended a 63 game winning streak.

usa basketball

Tournament Format

To get into the elimination phase USA will have to rally past China, France, Australia, Serbia and Venezuela. Remaining 6 teams are part of group B. Only 4 teams will qualify from each group. In the next round winners will be awarded 3 points while loser only 1 and stats such as point difference and scored will be used in case of a tie. The team consists of 12 players in total and there are some big names in there which we’ll talk about later.

Schedule & Expectations

The USA team begin their gold medal defense on 6th August against China who is expected to be the toughest opponents in the group. They end the group stages with a match against France. The next round begins on 17th August with the final being held on 21st. Like I mentioned above the expectations are once again high and anything short of gold could be a disappointment. So if you’re in for a bet I guess it’s an obvious choice.

Training Routine

Since the NBA season ended just a few months back you’d expect most players to be in good condition. They have had few warm up matches to get the rhythm and coordination right. Apart from that cardio and weight sessions on treadmills, Concept2 rowers etc. have been regularly conducted to maintain strength and overall fitness.


Players to keep an eye on

Well the US team is the most star studded line up with players such as Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony etc all part of the lineup. Even the Spanish squad has a few big names this year like Pau Gasol etc. Other players you’d like to keep an eye on are Mark Ginobili of Argentina etc. The women’s team too is expected to come back with gold so don’t miss out on them in action.

Let us know who you think is going to shine at the Rio Olympics this year in Basketball.